Embrace being a multipassionate by @VioletaNedkova

Are you a creative that feels like your personal work lacks focus? That your mind is all over the place with too many projects?

It’s ok. More than ok, it’s wonderful! This Twitter thread by Violeta Nedkova will encourage you to embrace your many passions.

You are a multipassionate! You can thrive with your variety of interests.

Here is a screenshot of the Twitter thread.
When you go through something like this, you feel compelled to help other people through the same thing, so yeah... nothing makes me happier than helping fellow multipassionates get over the frustration and start thriving

Seeing these tweets this morning gave me a boost of encouragement—and a new way of viewing my various interests.

In the past I would see it as lack of focus. In recent years, I’ve been calling myself a generalist. But generalist sounds so generic and bland. I love digging deep into a variety of topics and methods. Really mastering and discovering specific things. But lots of things. Not just one.

Multipassionate is a great word to describe what I do. If you feel the same way about your work, I hope this might help you too.

Violeta Nedkova is a creative rebel coach. You can visit Violeta’s website at violetanedkova.com.

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