Empire State Building vs. Chicago Bean

Did you hear how the Empire State Building’s Twitter (X) account is picking fights with the Chicago Bean?

Someone tweeted about the Chicago Bean reopening. The Empire State Building tweeted with a video saying sarcastically, “Clap if you care”

Here is my response:

Twitter user @kammi_bo was smart and used Google Trends to look up the Google searches for Empire State Building and The Bean.

Curious that the timeline starts only at 2019. Let’s push that time span further back.

It’s amazing how similar interest in the Empire State Building and the Chicago Bean have been since 2012. Then, in 2020, COVID-19 hit, and the Empire State Building totally dropped. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bean remained as popular as ever, even increasing in popularity.

In 2020, many indoor locations were closed. But the Bean, being an outdoor attraction, continued to draw visitors. Perhaps that’s why the Empire State Building is starting a beef.

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