Estonian 2 Kroon bills for fun

I paid $1.88 for a 2 Krooni from Estonia. The Kroon is—was—Estonian’s form of currency. The word “kroon” translates to “crown”. (Kroon is singular, Krooni is plural. Please excuse me if I use the wrong form in this post.)

Paying $1.88 for a 2 Kroon bill sounds like a deal, right?

Yeah, I’m pretty much an idiot. 2 Estonian Kroon (EEK) is equal to $0.15 United States Dollar (USD). Ah well. Besides, since 2011 Estonia now uses the Euro—making these Kroon worthless. But they are valuable to me for the fun!

This $1.88 eBay auction was the cheapest seller. I was going to buy two of these. One for me, and one for my brother. The seller had four left (60 sold), so I figured I’d just buy four. Maybe I could snail mail one to someone for fun.

When my Kroon bills arrive, I’ll update this blog post with some photos.

EEK is such a funny name for the Estonian currency

The three-letter code for the Estonian former currency is EEK. Just like the US Dollar is USD.

If you search eBay for: estonia eek 2, you’ll come up with some ADORABLE Halloween costumes. Like this one:

I was really hoping this unicorn was named Eek. A mythical character would be fitting for a mythical country like Estonia. But alas, apparently there is a costume manufacturer named “Hyde and Eek”.

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