Evernote nearly doubles in price

Dear Matthew, 
Thank you for subscribing to Evernote. We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to this subscription. 
The developer, Evernote Corporation, is raising the price of this subscription from $63.99 per year to $113.99 per year. Your subscription will automatically renew for $113.99 per year starting May 10 unless you cancel at least a day before. To learn more or cancel, review your subscription. 

Wow. That’s a price hike. My Evernote subscription jumped from $63.99/year to $113.99/year.

Last year people have been complaining about the price hike, I was getting prepared to leave Evernote, but then I checked my subscription price, and saw it was only $64/year. That isn’t too bad for what I get out of the service.

But now that the price has nearly doubled, I will definitely be jumping ship. I’m not sure I’ll be ready to leave by May 10, so I might have to eat that $114 price for one year.

Thankfully, I have played around with exporting out my Evernote notes into a Markdown format. It’s not perfect. That’s why I haven’t left Evernote. But now with this price, I’ll just have to accepted the imperfect Markdown translation of my notes.

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