Every library should have a duct tape roll for public use

Have you needed to use duct tape, but there’s none on hand? Yeah. Local libraries should provide duct tape for people to use. Libraries are resourceful places with such great things. It only makes sense that libraries should have duct tape for people to use.

The duct tape could be on a dispenser roll much like how toilet paper is dispensed. Only the duct tape should NOT be provided in the bathroom. That’s gross. I don’t even want to think about why duct tape would be needed in the bathroom. Moving onward.

The information desk could provide the duct tape on a roll. Or maybe by whereever there are paper and pencils. Or perhaps by the printers. I tell ya, I would go the library to use their duct tape.

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9 years ago

dispenser-based duct tape. interesting. I wish there were so many other things to check out at the library. Books are great and all and they’re probably the best thing that a library could offer for check out, but I’m always reminded of the sculptures I used to check out at Oak Lawn Public Library. That was the best.

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