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Every single Pantone color to get a name


It would be really cool to name every single Pantone color. All 1,677 of them. Better yet, why not have a website where people can submit their own names? Colorhexa has 746 color names. blows them out of the water with 5,719,829 user-named colors!

I would personally start the naming process by taking all the Crayon names and matching them with the Pantone color. lists all the Crayon color names.

I’d like to take a Pantone book and write a name for every color in the book. Each page of the book would get ripped out and hung up in a gallery. The Pantone Formula Guide has 7 colors a page, making it about 240 pages. The cost for a Pantone book is $135.00. That’s about $0.56 per page.

Designers would LOVE it. There’s a certain love-attachment designers have for the Pantone books, because it’s THE THE THE ultimate color guide.

Other fun color factoids:

Color of the year for the past decade

— In October 2007, X-Rite Inc, a supplier of color measurement instruments and software, purchased Pantone Inc for $180 million

— I’d love to have one of those things where you and point the device at a color and it will give you all the specs–a colorimeter. I’d put it on all sorts of things.

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