“Everybody said it couldn’t be done.”

A funny tweet from my friend Marco:

"Everybody said it couldn't be done."
"Nobody thought we'd be up here right now."
"Everyone counted us out."
"No one believed we could do it."
-Every presidential candidate and NCAA tournament team ever
#supertuesday #MarchMadness

How often do people say these phrases?

Let’s do a Google search for each phrase, and mark down the number of results.

“Everybody said it couldn’t be done.”
» 18,300 results

“Nobody thought we’d be up here right now.”
» 0 results

“Everyone counted us out.”
» 2,940 results

“No one believed we could do it.”
» 2,670 results

How are there zero results for “Nobody thought we’d be up here right now.”? Maybe the phrase is worded oddly. Removing ‘up’ from the phrase generates six results. Trimming the phrase down to “Nobody thought we’d be here.” gets 24,200 results.

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