!!!exclamation party!!!

One exclamation point said to the other, “HELLO!” Exclamation parties are always loud.

The periods always call the cops on them and say, “we want the noise to stop. now.”

Commas are like, “well, it can certainly continue some more.”

The semicolons say, “I think it can take short pause.”

Question marks ask, “when do you think it will end? Do you think it’s too loud?

» Listen to this as a 56-second podcast (excuse the sound quality).

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18 years ago

then there’s the pie symbol (option p on a mac). The pie symbol is sitting in the corner talking about Star Wars.

18 years ago

That is seriously so beyond cute.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Here come the parentheses to try and contain some of the extra guests

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