Bike helmet for 7-5/8 extra-large size heads

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If you have a larger head, it can be a challenge finding a bike helmet. I wear a 7-⅝ size baseball hat. (The average male wears a 7-⅜.). If you wear a baseball hat that is size 7-½ or even larger at 7-⅝, then you probably have a hard time finding a bike helmet. My previous bike helmet was a just-fit. Even at the largest setting, it just barely fit my head. 

Now I have large yellow helmet that is fantastic: KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmets with Rear Light.

When I looked up bike helmets on Amazon, I was looking for three things

  1. Fits my large head
  2. Yellow safety color
  3. Price under $45

Whenever I see someone biking on the road with a yellow helmet, they stand out much more. It seems so simple to just pick a helmet that is yellow. But that really limits the options. 

Most of the decently-priced yellow helmets go up to only 61cm. But I found a $29 bike helmet that goes to 63cm. That extra two centimeters makes a big difference. 

Side view of yellow bicycle helmet

In January I was biking in the cold, so I wear a head cover that goes over my head, ears, and mouth. This bike helmet even fits over that head cover! Now in the warmer month of April, I don’t wear that head cover. This helmet still fits my head very nicely! It even has a little red light in the back. 

3 lighting modes on rear light: Always on, slow flash, fast flash.
Features of the bike helmet: dual fit adjustable design, fits up to 63cm.

Happy biking!

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