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Fancy men’s jewelry, but what about rough men’s jewelry?


Jewelry for Gentleman book

Jewelry for Gentlemen” is a book recently published by Thames & Hudson. “A dazzling overview of the overlooked art of male jewelry, an increasingly popular requisite of the well-dressed man.”

This book features some bad-ass jewelry. A skull with a snack crawling in and out of the eye sockets. A leopard on an orb. Some Japanese warrior mask ring.

Looks pretty cool! But then there’s some more dainty items like a Lily of the Valley brooch.

Perhaps there could be a follow-up book that shows gentlemen jewelry that is more on the rough side. Might we start with my clothespin necklace, circa 1994?

Matt Maldre, Tammy Zych, Dima Strakovsky at Navy Pier, circa 1996

I have a bunch of other necklaces from college. I should make a blog post about them some day. All of them are little random things attached to a string.

Hat-tip to the Andersen Library in Whitewater, Wisconsin for blogging about this book. 

2 Responses to Fancy men’s jewelry, but what about rough men’s jewelry?

  1. Matt Maldre January 4, 2019 at 3:50 pm #

    I’ve been itching to make my own eyeglass frames. I want my glasses to be more rough.
    Very handmade. Like, twisting a bunch of wire. I don’t know where i’d get the lenses from. I should be getting a pair every year from warby parker. I believe, with my insurance, they end up costing only like $10. So maybe I should get the lenses from Warby Parker.

  2. Naomi January 29, 2019 at 9:09 am #

    I hadn’t seen this book yet; thanks for posting about it. Yes, share your objects on a string collection!

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