The very far corner of Mariano’s has this fartastic product

When I’m grocery shopping, I like to see what product is in the very furthest corner of the store. Here is Mariano’s most remote product:

The Extreme Bean Pickled Beans (Hot & Spicy) by Matt & Steve's

THE EXTREME BEAN: Pickled Beans (Hot & Spicy) made by “Matt & Steve’s”

That’s right, not only is this pickled beans, it’s also made by a company with my name in it—and Steve. Hi Steve! WE ARE MAKING A FARTASTIC PRODUCT.

I sent this image to a Steve I know; and he replied, “Are you making us any money with the product?”

Screenshot of text message that says: Are you making us any money with the product?

Needing a hilarious farty reply, I googled: FART PUNS punpedia (with that exact capitalization). One of the top five results is a .ru website, the title of the page is “Fart puns”. Russians are making websites about fart puns?!

Screenshot of google search for fart puns

Ok, let’s skip over that .ru site. Aren’t all .ru’s malware?

Anyhow, a completely LEGITIMATE FART PUNS webpage on has this fart pun about a smelly store—Wal-Fart. Oh man. Wal-Fart. Ok…

I replied to Steve, “Maybe we should sell our pickled beans at Wal-Fart.”

Screenshot of iOS text message: Maybe we should sell our pickled beans at Wal-Fart

Ideally, I would like our product placement to be next to the Gas-X.

This product placement is so hilarious. Not only is this a very obscure product to make it be placed in the corner, but it’s also all about farts. That’s precisely why it’s in the far corner. They don’t want to stink up the rest of the store with this. It HAS to be in the corner, away from everyone else.

And then there is play on far corner… fart corner.

Now I want the domain

Conflatulations, it’s available. Sorry, I’ll have to pass that gas.

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4 years ago

What else is near these bean? My Mariano’s 4 corners include a bar, bulk spices, milk and customer service/offices (that last corner has frozen pizza if we’re talking strictly groceries). When I go for my yoghurt I’m looking specifically for my brand/flavor, but it’s in the middle of the aisle. I’m sure I could find some more-unusual yoghurt or Keifer if I looked down towards the end cap. But no corner has canned goods like yours seems to

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