Sharing favs works much better on Flickr than Instagram

64 recent flickr favs

I had fun faving 70 photos on Flickr tonight. I was searching street installation, pavement installation, and site specific.

You can’t really make a screenshot of your favs like this on Instagram. Flickr is better than Instagram!

To make this screenshot, I made the page smaller by descreasing the zoom in my Chrome browswer. I used the shortcut by hitting the “command” and “dash” keys.

Make a page smaller in chrome

Once the page was small enough to fit 70 images in one window, I took a screenshot by hitting command-shift-4. Pretty cool!

If you’d like to view individual photos in this collage, you can view my favorites at—Another thing you can do with Flickr—share your favs list. Instagram doesn’t let you do that.

Your can visit the individual links here:

    1. Hadoken on the radar by Andrew Huff
    2. Shoreham Sculpture Trail by The London Group Artists
    3. Experimenting with own typeface by sturgeskate
    4. Puppe aus Luft LSBF2018 by Andrea Nagl
    5. Wiese Hegerberg by Andrea Nagl
    6. Licht.Stück.Bad.Fabrik – Aufbau by Andrea Nagl
    7. Dreaming of Iceland while hiking the “Via della Pace” by Andrea Nagl
    8. Dreaming of Iceland while hiking the “Via della Pace” by Andrea Nagl
    9. Dreaming of Iceland while hiking the “Via della Pace” by Andrea Nagl
    10. Dreaming of Iceland while hiking the “Via della Pace” by Andrea Nagl
    11. Untitled by Rachel Lucy
    12. Envelopes by Rachel Lucy
    13. Jake with his winners medal for being the cutest hamest ever! by Rachel Lucy
    14. Winchmore Hill-Grovelands Park by Rachel Lucy
    15. Under the bridge by Rachel Lucy
    16. Chiffre 1. Kritzung by Andrea Nagl
    17. PC18UoL_0162 by School of Fine and Performing Arts – University of
    18. PC18UoL_0089 by School of Fine and Performing Arts – University of
    19. Final Site-Specific Projects by eirons
    20. Arrow Series – Wall Piece 162×22″ by jenrosenthal
    21. Signs & Street Art by Juan Madrigal Photo
    22. IMG_5052 by Cathode Ray Gun
    23. GONE by G0N3
    24. Minimum Monument by juliannebritton
    25. When a fork lands on your car by brian.mason32
    26. 20181013_205658 by 10:Gu [VDS]
    27. Treasure installation by elod beregszaszi
    28. Eric Thayer’s Can Installation -:- 76 by buddhadog
    29. Outdoor Installation by sobodda
    30. Fieldwork : OH, AH, WOW by chasdobie
    31. Art installation : Fieldwork by chasdobie
    32. Installation by mikecogh
    33. INSTALLATION 06_BW by risd architecture
    34. installation 5 by OliBac
    35. Installation by Dre
    36. Installation Art by thatgirlAFOX
    37. Untitled by olyamelnyk
    38. Moody winter park by olyamelnyk
    39. A couple. by olyamelnyk
    40. Boots prints on the snow. by olyamelnyk
    41. Untitled by olyamelnyk
    42. Installation ‘Cars’ by olyamelnyk
    43. #lucasdupin #temporeves #installation #institutotomieohtake #saopaulo by t_a_i_s
    44. Installation by Martin Hewer
    45. Robert Stadler Installation by Ben Pearce
    46. Installation-3 by merrylab27
    47. Installation William Forsythe by Marie 35 (140)
    48. Construction #2 by interestedbystandr
    49. Waiting by interestedbystandr
    50. Construction #1 by interestedbystandr
    51. Illegal art by Elaine Castillo
    52. writing to do’s by Elaine Castillo
    53. martial arts mural. rebecca st, wilkinsburg by beuysgirl
    54. green steps by beuysgirl
    55. Musee de beaux arts street installation by beuysgirl
    56. c & b and a picture of a sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte by tim lowly
    57. Conversation (hand) by tim lowly
    58. Untitled by anto291
    59. Untitled by anto291
    60. Untitled by anto291
    61. Dino by Janne Koivisto
    62. The Polar Bears Are Pissed by Janne Koivisto
    63. Space invader [Nantes, France] by biphop
    64. Vinyl installation by Kesa [Lyon, France] by biphop
    65. Vinyl installation by Kesa [Lyon, France] by biphop
    66. Vinyl installation by Kesa [Lyon, France] by biphop
    67. Mosaic installation by Ememem [Lyon, France] by biphop
    68. Sunderland Art-121 by Idene
    69. Untitled by Michael Kranowsky
    70. Untitled by Michael Kranowsky

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