Ferris Bueller’s running home song

Ferris Bueller runs and grabs drink from man’s hand

So bizarre when my “Discover Weekly” playlist from Spotify has the song from the end of the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. “March of the Swivel Heads” by The English Beat is the song that plays when Bueller is racing her sister back to their house.

It’s really weird to hear the song without the movie playing. To have it in my personalized Discover Weekly playlist is just so out of context. Listening to this song gives me the urge to get up and run through people’s backyards.

You can watch the four-minute clip of this run home on vimeo.

For fun, here’s some screenshots of Ferris Bueller running through people’s backyards:

Ferris Bueller runs by picnic
Ferris Bueller running down sidewalk by bushes
Ferris Bueller turns corner quickly while two girls watch
Ferris Bueller runs down street while dad drives car
Ferris Bueller runs and jumps through air from trampoline

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