My first outdoor photos with my new Nikon D610

Bokeh behind growing red tulips Growing red tulips Traffic zips behind growing red tulips

Stepping outside the Tribune Tower with my new Nikon D610 around my neck. Lo and behold the tulips are starting to come out of the ground!

Photographing the budding tulips on the median of Michigan Avenue has become a semi-annual tradition for me (2010, 2013, 2014). With multiple lanes of traffic whizzing by, breaking out of the quiet soil are little tulip buds.

The growing tulips watch the all activity as people start to come outside to enjoy the nice weather. This year the birthing tulips are especially meaningful to me as my pregnant wife is just six weeks away from our first child’s due date!

Carrying my Nikon around my neck felt so good since my previous DSLR died during the night of the blood moon in September last year. With a baby on the way, I splurged on a quality full-frame camera with the Nikon D610.

Bokeh behind growing red tulips

Bokeh background textures haven’t ever been something I played with until now. With a 300mm 3.5f zoom lens, I figured I’d give the powerful zoom a try on some of the buds. This photo is shot at 300mm f/5.6. The red traffic lights in front of the Michigan Avenue bridge provide a nice backdrop for the growing red tulip.

Traffic zips behind growing red tulips

The traffic zips along while I shot with my 50mm f1.8 lens. For this shot, I definitely didn’t keep the lens wide open, instead I kept it fairly small at f/16 to capture the building detail in the background.

Growing red tulips

This daytime shot was actually the trickiest with all the people walking in the background by the Wrigley Building. I had to get several shots until people weren’t walking directly behind this tulip bud.

All in all, it’s nice to have a DSLR back, and really nice to walk around downtown taking photos with it. Look forward to seeing more quality shots from me on flickr.

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Sarah Maldre
Sarah Maldre
7 years ago

I love that you’re experimenting with this bokeh technique…very dramatic, and striking, backdrops! Next spring we’ll have to take Bébé Maldre to see the beautiful budding tulips. Your tulip series is always one of my favorite signs that Spring is in the air. 🙂

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