Free admission to Art Institute’s Magritte show

How to get into the Art Institute for free on July 24, 2014

Bring a “Surrealist-inspired object” to gain free admission to the Art Institute’s Magritte show on July 24, 2014.

In the fine print the Art Institute outlines the rules for what cannot be accepted. One of things they do not accept are “objects longer than 8 feet.” Makes me want to show up with an object that is 7 feet 11 inches.

What if you show up with a person who is 7 feet tall?

The rest of the rules state:

We are also unable to accept any Objects that AIC deems in its sole discretion to be hazardous, perishable, unlawful, and/or which contains any of the following items: organic matter that may harbor pests (such as potted plants, soil, sand, grasses, feather, moss, branches, bark, rose petals, hay, etc.), animals, confetti, rice, bird seed, balloons, bubbles, glitter, sequins, fireworks, sparklers, smoke/fog machines, dry ice, aerosol products (i.e. spray glue, spray glitter, spray snow, spray string, spray paint), vessels containing water, open flames.

They don’t outright ban humans. However, we can interpret the rules and say they might ban a human as surrealist object because humans are:

1) organic matter that may harbor pests

2) vessels containing water.

Make sure you don’t have any pests and purge yourself of all water. Simple!

It would be fun if someone came with me and wear all sequins and feathers? (those materials are also banned). Or I should give them an object that combines every single item on their list.

But seriously, I need to think of a good surrealist object to bring. What is your “Surrealist-inspired object”?

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