Having fun crafting your meetup profile

Every time you join a group on meetup.com, you get asked a set of questions for your profile. The Glen Ellyn Clay meetup has some fun questions, so I had fun answering them.

What are the top 3 things you would like to get out of this group?
Get back to working with clay.
That would really make my day.
Meeting people, whaddya say?
(OK, so that’s really two points, not three. But do I get bonus points for making it a poem?)

What are your skill levels in clay? (From never touched clay before to a Master in the medium)
Intermediate. Took a couple classes in college, about four classes at Lill Street in Chicago. In my dreams I am a world-class ceramist building skyscrapers of terra cotta.

What clay techniques are you interested in learning? (Throwing, hand-building, extruding etc….)
Any and all.

Would you like to teach a class, workshop or lecture about clay? If so what skills are you prepared to teach?
I once taught someone how to make the perfect ice cream cone from a soft-serve machine. But that’s with frozen yogurt and not clay. Maybe we can get a soft-serve machine and pump some clay through it! Extrusion, right? Am I right?

Do you have your own clay studio or do you need access to a studio and kilns?
I would need access to a fine, fine studio with powerful kilns. Powerful enough to build an army of clay soldiers to take over the world.

My membership is pending approval.  Glen Ellyn Clay Meetup membership pending

Here’s hoping they don’t deny me for having some fun! Just the very name of this group imbues fun. It’s not the Glen Ellyn ceramics group. Nor is it even the Glen Ellyn pottery group. No! It’s the Glen Ellyn clay group. Clay. Just clay. It’s like you are sitting in the corner with a wad of clay molding and shaping it.

Please, Glen Ellyn Clay meetup, LET ME JOIN! Otherwise, I’ll have to create a rival meetup group called “Glen Ellyn SUPERCLAY meetup.” What is superclay? Maybe it’s a mixture of Play-doh with sparkles. Or something like that.

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