Fun nickname generator, add “town” to the first syllable of your last name

Ever want to come up with a fun nickname for someone, but draw a blank? Now you have a surefire way of making a cool nickname. Use this simple formula: First syllable of the person’s last name + “town”

For me, my name is Matt Maldre. Mal + town = Maltown.

I came up with the idea while in the men’s bathroom at work. Marco Buscaglia came in and I wanted to say, “hi.” But I have a personal “no talking rule” while I’m at the urinal. (I mean really, I’m peeing, I’m not gonna talk to people while I pee. I’m sorry.) But so I thought in my head, “Hey Bustown!” What a cool name that is. Bustown.

Some examples of other nicknames using this formula from top searches on google:

Mark Ronson = Rontown

Kristin Cavallari = Cavtown

Gina Carano = Cartown

Dolly Parton = Partown

Justin Bieber = Biebtown

Natalie Portman = Porttown

Jason Momoa = Momtown (I like Momtown. “Hey, Momtown!”)

James Franco = Frantown

If your last name has one syllable, then use the first two letters.

Adam West = Wetown

Lauryn Hill = Hitown

Taylor Swift = Swtwon

Tiger Woods = Wotown

What’s your nickname? Leave it in the comments below. Thanks.

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Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

I have the same mensroom rule! No talking … at all! Your rule may not be that extreme. Actually the rule applies if there are more than two guys in the mensroom. If there are just two of us and we aren’t in a stall or at the urinal (like we’re at the sink), then I will respond to a greeting, but I never inititate a conversation. Anyway, my nickname sounds like it belongs in the mensroom Saatown “Sat down” LOL!

Laurel Kate
12 years ago

Sittown! Worst nickname ever! I d just think that people were yelling at me to have a seat all the time… hehe.

Chrissy Lee
9 years ago

Mine is leetown

Chrissy Lee
9 years ago

Mine is letown

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