Fun story about 09/09/09 at 9:09am

Chapter 1:

It’s 09/09/09! I wanted to get a receipt from Dunkin Donuts with the timestamp of 9:09am, but I wake up too late to get to the downtown Dunkin Donuts in time. Instead I figure it would be fun to txt my number-lovin buddy, Tom.

While riding the red line CTA train I compose a txt message at 9:07am and wait for the clock to tick to 9:09am.

THEN just before I hit “send,” a message comes from Tom wishing me a happy 09:09 09/09/09. We are such number dorks. Can you believe we both sent each other a txt message at the same time about this? Funny.

Chapter 2:

Another interesting twist to this story is that about 15 minutes before it turned 9:09am, I was thinking it would be fun to tell whomever I was sitting next to on the train that it’s 9:09am.

I step onto the train at 9:03am and survey the open seats to see who would be a good recipient of such information. There is only one seat open next to this fellow in a suit. I believe he is from India, perhaps? A quick glance at the book he is reading looks like a law book. He seems kinda serious. Underlining parts in the book. Well, maybe he’d like a break in his study when the 9:09am hits.

I was getting nervous about telling him about 9:09am. Will I tell him? I want to, but ohhhh.

As I sit there waiting to send the txt, and then Tom’s txt comes in. I laugh. He looks over. Perfect lead-in. I tell my law-reading train neighbor that it’s 9:09 on 09/09/09 and how I’m about to send my friend a txt about it, and then he sends me one. He found it humorous. He continues reading his book, and I get out mine.

I glance over at his book and it’s some book about Buddhism and law. Ohhh, so it wasn’t some lawyer book. Interesting, because the book I was reading was “Way of Wisdom” (a Christian book by James MacDonald). Side-by-side on the train is a guy reading a Christian book and a guy reading a Buddhist book. That was neat.

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Tom Saaristo
10 years ago

That is a fun story! I’m glad to have been a part of it! I was wondering if I was going to catch you at Dunkin Donuts and almost didn’t send you the text just in case it may distract you from getting that coveted receipt, but you slept in! All the better for me. Happy 09/09/09!

10 years ago

Yes that is a funny story. I wouldn’t have noticed the numbers if my new high schooler hadn’t had me signing school forms as we raced toward downtown on the Red Line this morning. It made me think of you, Matt 🙂

10 years ago

That’s a hillarious story. Both the 9:09 part and the interaction with your train neighbour! Thanks for making my day. I quite enjoyed that!

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