Fun with toilet paper from the past

Google Photos is a lot of fun. Upload all your photos, and Google will use artificial intelligence to identify what’s in your photos.

Since everyone has been talking about toilet paper for the past week, I searched for the in-demand product in my Google Photos. Here’s what the past has brought up.

2011: One sheet per customer

A single sheet of toilet paper, with the words "One sheet per customer" written on the sheet.

My caption for this 2011 photo: Have some fun in the bathroom at work. Rip off one sheet of toilet paper and write “one sheet per customer” Leave the single sheet on the toilet paper dispenser. (do not leave the pen as shown in this photo).

A pretty timely joke for these days. Of course now, not many people are not at their workplace.

2015: Sticky notes as toilet paper

An empty toilet paper roll hanging in the bathroom. A sticky note is attached with the words "Here's an extra sheet to use"

How did I come up with these jokes years before our toilet paper shortage? When my wife and I were engaged in 2015, we must have run out of toilet paper at some point, so I made this funny joke.

2017: Toilet paper origami

Toilet paper folded into fancy origami

Before we moved into our house, we had it professionally cleaned. This is what the cleaners did with our toilet paper. They folded it into a fancy origami shape! What a nice touch!

Now a days, imagine making origami out of the most precious resource you have—toilet paper!

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