Funk Dat as meme for 2021

Since “Funk Dat” by Sagat appeared in my Spotify Discover Weekly, I’ve been playing this silly song over and over.

Hilarious that this 1993 song will probably end up as one of my most-played tracks of 2021.

I remember in college goofing around saying things like, “Question [insert some sort of situation] Man, FUNK THAT!”

Can we bring that back as a meme today?

Why is it that people don’t get the vaccine?
What? You wanna kill other people or someth’n?
Funk that.
Get a vaccine!

Who is Sagat?

Back when this song was popular, I never knew the artist’s name, Sagat. A quick look on his Spotify artist page shows that he didn’t really produce any other songs—at least none that made it into Spotify’s catalog. A true one-hit wonder.

He produced a couple other tracks under the alias Jump Chico Slamm, but none of them like Funk Dat. (And a few more tracks on reverbnation, they aren’t actually bad for background music while working). If you like, you can give him a follow on Twitter @JumpChicoSlamm.

Funk Dat’s popularity today

Funk Dat’s scrobble stats are pretty low.

Why is it that people these days
have Spot-a-whatever with millions of tracks.
But none of them is listening to my jam?
Man, funk that.
Play my song!

  • says the song has 2,579 listeners. That seems low.
  • Spotify lists the play count as 325,817. Whatever that means. Is that high or low?
  • Google searches for “funk dat” since 2004 have been pretty low too.

I would not recommend the music video version of this song on Youtube (I’m not even going to link to it), but the comments on Youtube are hilarious.

I remember when this song came out in the early 90s, they played it on the radio 15 times a day for 3 months straight.

—John Falcon

Then the perfectly-timed reply to that comment:


—King Raymond III:

Heard this track last night at a party. Everyone got the f up. There was no one sitting down, I’ll tell you that. Literally everyone was going crazy and yelling. This song just brings out that old school New York in everyone. Lol!

—Juste Ping

Question: Why is it that every time I go on YouTube, there always has to be an ad to pop up? Come on man, Funk dat!

—Stevie Guerrero

The lyrics are just too good to not repost.

Why is it that every time I’m walking down the street,
somebody wants to stop me
just to give me a flyer.
Come on man
Funk that.
Get out of my way.

Why is it that every time I walk into the bank,
the tellers look at me
like I’m the one that robbed them last week.
Come on man.
Funk that.
What’re you looking at?

Why is it that every time I turn on the radio,
I hear the same five songs
fifteen times a day
for three months.
Man, funk that.
Get a new DJ.

Why is it that bums ask me for money,
when I ain’t got none?
What is it an in thing or something?
Let me remind this goon he ain’t got no money, huh.
Man, funk that.
Get a job.

You know,
Every time I see my neighbor,
she tells me to stay out of trouble.
The other one looks at me like I’m the one that got her daughter strung out.
Come on man.
Funk that.
What’re you looking at?

Seems like every time it never fails it never fails.
I’m just chilling in my crib,
minding my own business.
And somebody wants to call me just to talk about nothin’.
Funk that.
Get a life.

Why is it
that when I go out to a nightclub,
only the ugly chicks wanna step to me?
I mean, like I’m ugly or something. Huh?
What you mean? Huh?
Funk that!
Get out of my face.

Here’s hoping that “Funk Dat” is ripe for a big comeback after being relatively quiet for over 27 years.

Here’s another “Funk Dat” for the current topic of the Peloton’s being recalled.

Why is it that people leave their keys in their Peloton?
Are ya stupid or something?
Take the key out.
You wanna put yo kids in danger?
Funk dat.
Get a brain

Find existing Funk Dat memes

Search Twitter for: question “what is it that” “funk dat”
You’ll get a fair amount of tweets where people are doing this meme already. Here’s a good one:

WHY IS IT that everything I post a tweet, Twitter asks me if I want to promote it...
What, like I’m a business or something. 
Funk Dat.

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