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G.I. Joe snow adventures in comic books and 1400 Gallery

G.I. Joe comic books in Antarctica

Comic books that take place in the snow are so cool. I love arctic adventures. Two G.I. Joe comic books take place in Antarctica. One from 1989 (G.I. Joe Special Missions #20), the other from 2006 (G.I. Joe Special Missions “Antarctica”)

G.I.Joe snow prints at the 1400 Gallery

The 1989 comic book is really cool, because the interior pages are printed on the old school uncoated paper. When I photographed this comic book, I placed the light on the table with the comic book, so it would highlight the pulpy goodness. These were photographed on the night of the Chicago’s third largest blizzard with 20-plus inches. I figured what is better to do during a blizzard than to read some G.I. Joe snow comic books.

The photos were printed on 11×17 paper and I hung them up in my cube at work. I call my cube the 1400 gallery, because every couple months I hang up a new a theme. See all seven G.I. Joe comic book prints in higher resolution detail on my tumblr account.

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