Garbage that looks like origami

Origami scattered about on the bathroom floor at work. Overflowing from the wastebasket little unintentional creations lie strewn about. Crumbled paper towels lying on the floor look just like origami creations.

What if someone actually folded a bunch of paper towels into origami creatures, and left them on the floor?

Who would actually do something like that? LOL. Like, I have to ask. 😉 Someday. Someday perhaps I shall.

Then on the walk home, all the garbage on the ground looks like origami.

crushed newspaper that is urban origami

Urban origami

Crushed newspapers. Smushed bags. One of the crushed wrappers looked like a roadkill bird. Fascinating. Something intentionally folded into a destroyed object.

That would be rather cool to fold discarded paper into objects that look like they were just crumbled, but they also look like they are actually something of shape.

People who might notice would give a second look. “Did I just see an origami butterfly? Or is that just a piece of trash that kinda looks like a butterfly?”

“Y’know that piece of trash kinda looks like a roadkill pigeon.”

What would be of interest in a downtown context?

  • Crumbled skyscrapers?
  • Perhaps a piece of the building that looks like it fell off the building.
  • A pigeon that is asking a question. The inquisitive pigeon. The aged pigeon sitting on the corner of the alley.

Maybe I could fold an actual bird origami, but with textures printed on it like the actual bird. But it also has a good amount of city grit embedded on it. Asphalt textures mixing in with feather gray. Cigarette butts flowing in with the legs. A Picasso bird. A mashup. Mashup in the textures. Mashup in the folds of the paper.

Here’s a start. I folded this origami pigeon on the train.

My first origami pigeon

Now I just need to add in the city grit and pigeon textures.

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