Gas pump sticky notes

As gas prices rise, people’s tempers rise. Oh, our car-obssessed culture. People treat the price of gas as if it’s a human right to have gasoline flowing from fountains. People are posting sticky notes on gas pumps that say, “How’s that ‘hope and change’ working out for you?”

This kinda frustrates me, because it treats gasoline like it’s a high priority in our lives. I know, car drivers on budgets are having a hard time. And I know that there are a considerable amount of people who HAVE to drive for work to get their family around. I get that. Maybe if our cities weren’t designed so much for car usage, people would be more inclined to use their bicycles.

What I don’t get is single people who choose to ignore public transit. Or ignore riding a bike to run errands. Price of gas too high? Then ride a bike. I’m going to start my own campaign where I put sticky notes on gas pumps promote bike usage.

What phrases could the sticky notes on gas pumps say?

— All fueled out? Ride a bike.

— Rising gas prices got your temper rising? Ride a bike.

— Gas prices tanking your wallet? Ride a bike.

— Time to pass gas. Ride a bike.

— I passed gas and rode my bike today.

— Fill up your wallet. Ride a bike.

Once I get a collection of phrases I’m going to make a Faceobok poll. Please leave any additional phrases in the comments.

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Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

— Pass gas and take a walk

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

— Pass gas and take your Razor Scooter — Pass gas and ride your board — Pass gas and skate

11 years ago

“Say goodbye to your money and to me!” — signed the bus that just passed you by. Great post! by the way!

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

As a pedestrian it was a no-brainer 😉

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