Get into the swing of Montrose Harbor

Get into the swing of Montrose Beach Harbor: 1 Get into the swing of Monrose Harbor Beach: 3 Get into the swing of Monrose Harbor Beach: 2

A curly pier swirls off Montrose Harbor. Along the spiral is a wire fence; great to hang a swing. A spiral pier just begs you to walk all the way to the end. It also begs you to hang a swing at the very end for people to discover as they reach the end of the pier.

Along the way to the end of the pier, i was looking for something to use as the baseboard of the swing. Thankfully there wasn’t any trash on the pier, but that also limited my options. The only thing was this wire fence. Parts of the continous wire fence were broken leaving the wire laying on the ground.

This wasn’t just simple wire. It was more like a rope of wire with many many strands. I picked a thinnerish strand and busted out my wire cutters. Five or ten minutes passed by with me gnawing away on the wire rope to get a two-inch piece. The work was worth the effort, because it’s kinda neat to have a wire guy sitting on a wire swing.

I was planning on hanging him from one of the wire ropes. But at the very end of the pier stood one column without a wire rope. Which was ok, because there was still a thing to hang him from.

Once he was finally installed on the swing, he really swung around a lot! Check out this video of him swinging. He swung so much that he lost grip with the string! That happens at about 2:10 in the video and i start cracking up.

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12 years ago

the poor guy is konking his head at the 2:10 mark.

12 years ago

i think you have a new series here. Find ways to put your swining wireman on Chicago landmarks and film the show. Perhaps the string length could change. So you could throw a string around the Tute lions and have have wireman swinging from around the lions’ necks.

12 years ago

oh. i just saw your previous post about how this wireman on a swing is already a series. Das ist gut.

Rebecca Thering
7 years ago

This is such a cool creation! Hah the video even made me a bit dizzy seeing the poor guy get tossed around 😉

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