Gingerbread Men Peeps: both cute and unappetizing

Peeps giant gingerbread men
Is it possible to be both cute AND unappetizing? Peeps accomplished that with their Gingerbread Men Peeps. They are quite possibly the most dramatic possible combination of cute and unappetizing. So cute, but so unappetizing!

The Daily Meal has a funny write-up on these giant sugar-laden treats

If you look forward to getting Peeps every Easter, listen up: The brand is adding to its arsenal of cutesy treats with all-new gingerbread-flavored marshmallow men — and these boys are big.

Peeps already offers a seasonal gingerbread men marshmallow, but they’re regular-sized and that’s not as much fun. This year, they’re available in a supersized version — because go big or go home, right?

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