An alternative to Google’s search: make a personal search engine with Feedly

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google, there are several options worth considering. Diverse Tech Geek, a well-respected technology blog, recently published a post titled “Google alternatives – 2024 edition” where he discusses a couple of notable search engines: DuckDuckGo and StartPage.

Now, here’s an unconventional idea: create your own personalized search engine using Feedly

Feedly is a powerful RSS feed reader that allows you to aggregate content from various websites and blogs you follow. By subscribing to a wide range of sources that align with your interests, you can create a custom search engine tailored to your needs.

In my case, I have accumulated 2,293 feeds in my Feedly account over time. This means I have a vast collection of articles, blog posts, and content from the websites I care about most. Whenever I need to find information on a specific topic, I can simply perform a search within Feedly, and it will scan through all the posts made by the sites I follow, dating back to when I first subscribed to each one.

This approach essentially creates a personalized search engine that prioritizes the content and sources that matter to me. It filters out the noise and provides results from trusted and relevant sources I have curated over time. While it may not be as comprehensive as Google, it offers a unique perspective and can surface valuable information that might otherwise be buried in the depths of the internet.

Of course, this method requires some effort in curating your Feedly subscriptions and ensuring you have a diverse range of quality sources. However, if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, creating your own search engine with Feedly can be a rewarding and efficient way to find the information you need from the sources you trust.

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