Google Streetview at night

Almost all of Google Streetview’s images come from the daytime. Makes sense—that’s when you can see things the best.

Today, I came across some nighttime shots on Google Streetview.

Google Streetview at night

The noise in the photos is fascinating. Almost like some sort of magnetic waves emanating from the Google Streetview’s radar. Maybe these are radar lines!

Then when you point the camera down, you can see UNDER the Google car.

Google Streetview digital shadow

Whoa! Golden shadow under the Google Streeview car! Symbolic of Google’s wealth of data?

Of course, this “shadow” is digitally created, the car is not photographing under itself. Most likely the algorithm is taking in the reflection of headlights on the road. It’s a pretty cool effect!

Animated gif of digital shadow under Google Streetview car

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