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Google suggests Mister Rogers to me

People freak out about Google following you around and making creepy suggestions. But here is a story about a very nice suggestion from Google.

My wife and I have been limiting my 22-month-old daughter’s screentime to Sesame Street songs on the iPad’s Youtube. She gets to watch a few songs before lunch and dinner. Last week when she was sick, I stayed home a couple days to watch her. Instead of Sesame Street, I introduced her to Mister Rogers—which she likes (which really warms my heart).

And now in my Google News “For You” section, I’m getting article suggestions about Mister Rogers. I’m open to that! 🙂

Mister Rogers suggested to me from Google News for you

Here’s a link to the article that Google was suggesting: ‘Mister Rogers’ special offers a lot to like.

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