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Only 8 guerilla art videos on Youtube in the past year

Youtube search for guerilla art

Rather surprising there are only eight total guerilla art videos on Youtube in the past year. A few of them are about guerilla art, but most aren’t even really about guerilla art—that is, installation art.

As author Keri Smith defines in her book “How to be a Guerilla Artist“:

Guerilla art is a fun and insidious way of sharing your vision with the world. It is a method of art making which entails leaving anonymous art pieces in public places. It can be done for a variety of reasons, to make a statement, to share your ideas, to send out good karma, or just for fun.

Here are the eight results in the past year for a search of “guerilla art” on Youtube:

We Explore Guerilla Art in PITTSBURGH

  • Dr Brian King • 868 views • 2 weeks ago
  • On tour, Sarah Bollinger and Dr Brian King stop in Pittsburgh to take in some awesome works of public art. Please watch, like, and …
  • My comment: This is kind of a fun video. It features a traveling couple visiting a locally famous piece of guerilla art in an industrial area


2018 – Guerilla Art – Hopscotch for adult children

  • Anders Celin • 8 views • 1 month ago
  • You are never to old to jump!
  • My comment: A fun time lapse of adult hopscotch


On Location: Misunderstood: The Art of Jolt (by Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, Denver, CO)

  • Kennedy Center Education Digital Learning • 24 views • 3 months ago
  • Is graffiti an art form or is it vandalism? Misunderstood takes a look at how one artist is changing the vision of graffiti as an art form …
  • My comment: About graffiti (I’m more looking for installation art)


Guerilla Art Project

  • Sophia Salmaniw • 15 views • 5 months ago
  • My comment: A fun reminder to use reusable bags. I’d like to see more guerilla artwork from this artist.


Charming Baker-Guerilla Art | Free Audiobook

  • Gavin Scarborough • 1 view • 6 months ago
  • Charming Baker-Guerilla Art Visit Free listening to the full audiobook Format: Unabridged Written by: …
  • My comment: I’m the first person to watch this video after it being on Youtube for six months. I’m not even sure what this is about.


Guerilla Art Tips #4: Loose vs Tight Sketching

  • ComiKen • 22 views • 7 months ago
  • Just a vid explaining the difference between the two types of sketching and when to employ each. Follow me here: …
  • My comment: Not about installation art. More of a guy’s nickname for his tips.


Brückenzeit * Gesagt * Gesungen I Guerilla Art I Trailer

  • WhiteLily Pictures • 84 views • 11 months ago
  • Mitschnitt eines Brückenkonzertes mit Kaspar Dornfeld und Katharina Burges.
  • My comment: Performance art, not installation art. And I’m not sure how a trailer can be 14 minutes long.


Guerilla Art 2016

  • Ellenbrook Secondary College • 207 views • 12 months ago
  • A special hip hop and art event held at Ellenbrook Secondary College, Guerilla Art was a mixture of art, dance and culture for the …
  • My comment: No installation art here.

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