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Gumspots of the sky

The next morning I added this sticky note for the daytime dwellers to read, "at night this pole has six shadows"

It was quite a challenge trying to re-photograph this pole at the exact same angle. The gumdrops on the sidewalk proved to be a great comparison device. Standing at the pole staring at my iPhone memorizing the exact location of the gumspots, I realized that the sidewalk gumspots are like the nighttime stars providing us with navigation through their consistency of location.

When I initially installed this sticky note in the morning, my photograph was from too low of an angle (probably because I was more concerned with the sticky note on the vertical plane, whereas the night before I was focused on the horizontal shadows on the horizontal plane).

In the future when I try to rephotograph a location, I will bring a print out of the earlier photo. Having the printed photo will make it much easier to navigate the exact location of where I need to be. In that way, printed photographs are like printed maps replacing the gumspots of the sky.

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