HarvesTime is GuacamolEpic

For 13 years of my adult life, I lived in Chicago’s Lincoln Square, home of the best grocery store in the city, HarvesTime Foods. This local grocery store is loved by everyone who lives nearby. On our sixth date, I took the person who would become my wife to HarvestTime. As a single guy without a car, I would carry my groceries six blocks back to my apartment, and I loved it.

Recently Interrobang Erin Watson asked people to write about HarvestTime for a zine she is putting together. Here is a poem that I submitted.

April 28, 2009 • Guacamole by HarvesTime

HarvesTime is GuacamolEpic

Where squirrels stash nuts in parking meter slots,
Lies a haven of flavors, a taste bud’s jackpot.
Six blocks from my dwelling, a journey I’d embrace,
To the Rockwell stop, then footsteps trace.

Through the door, the world unfolds in scents and colors bright,
Homemade guacamole, a creamy, dreamy sight.
Chocolate-covered pretzels, sweet and salty in their blend,
In HarvesTime’s aisles, my troubles mend.

The desert aisle, a mosaic of the world’s sweet treats,
From every corner of the globe, a symphony of sweets.
Bananas ripe and ready, their yellow a beacon of home,
In HarvesTime’s embrace, I’m never alone.

The coin machines at the entrance, a playful, joyous lure,
Finger thumb wrestlers, in battles miniature.
And the bread, oh the bread, locally baked delight,
Sourdough so heavenly, it makes the world seem right.

Six blocks back, with bags in hand, a journey I’d revere,
For each step brings me closer to what I hold dear.
More than a store, on our sixth date, a chapter so divine,
With the woman who’d become my wife, memories intertwine.

In Lincoln Square, you stood, a beacon in my life’s chart,
Though miles now part us, you’re still close to my heart.
HarvesTime, our local trove, where aisles with care are stocked,
A testament to community, in every box and block.

HarvesTime photos

And accompanying photos I took years ago of HarvesTime. These photos are optional for my poem if she wants to run them. Just little sidekicks. I made ’em grayscale, because I’m pretty sure the resulting zine will be in black and white. Plus, they look cool in black and white.

June 22, 2009 • HarvesTime Foods entrance
November 20, 2011 • coin machine with thumb wrestlers (at HarvesTime Foods)
June 25, 2015 • bananas at HarvesTime Foods

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2 months ago

hehe it’s me erin and I was just gonna email you about how delighted I am to be including these in the zine when I realized I don’t actually have your email address! mine is easy to find 😉

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