Have you been reading about the electronic superhighway?

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Dad says he liked it better when you had to communicate by mail, and you knew you wouldn't hear back from anybody for at least a week

The double-edge funny meaning behind this strip:

1) The internet is so new and different!

What a difference 20 years makes. In 1993 Calvin was looking forward to what the internet could bring. He exclaims, “Pretty soon, computers, telephones, and TVs will all be hooked together to bring instantaneous, interactive communication right into our homes!” Don’t forget about right into our hands in any location! How would Calvin react to today’s Netflix and iPad? It’s funny how this comic fits in today’s day. The talk of the new electronic superhighway is so dated.

2) Transportation in the 21st century

Calvin’s old-school dad is surprisingly right in the 21st century with his attitude toward transportation. This century’s trends are showing that we should have fewer cars, more walking, and more bicycles. “Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time” by Jeff Speck presents a great case for how our society is trending to fewer cars and more walking.

(Comic strip courtesy Gocomics)

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10 years ago

In my mind, Calvin and Hobbes is still an offline comic strip – even though I read the back-comics online.
It’s funny that *this* comic can just be copied and shared across the world with just a few clicks.

Do you think Bill imagined all his comics being available online at the time he made this strip?

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