Have you ever gotten stuck in an elevator?

I have never been stuck in an elevator. I like elevators. I want to experience this. Please share your elevator stuckedness stories in the comments.

A search on flickr for elevator stuck results in some interesting photos, such as the following:

(photo courtesy of thearchigeek under creative commons license)

(photo courtesy of joeltelling under creative commons license)

I’m both excited and scared at the same time!

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14 years ago

i think the jolly goatee man in the yellow photo is funny.

14 years ago

i got stuck in an elevator for about 4 minutes. the door closed and it didn’t go anywhere, and the security guard had to climb a small ladder and use the elevator key.

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

I’ve been stuck in an elevator a couple of times. The experience, whether good or bad, is wholly dependant on the actions and attitudes of the other people in the elevator. Believe me, it’s no fun being stuck in an elevator with someone who has a fear of getting stuck in an elevator.

Abhay Shah
Abhay Shah
14 years ago

Twice — in the same day. The same fire department crew came both time (with the “you again” repsonse the second time!)

14 years ago

I was stuck in an elevator on my way to work on the 16th floor. When they pulled open the doors I had to climb up through the gap between the top of the elevator and the floor. All I could think of was the openning to the movie Speed. Didn’t that guy get cut in half?

Jennifer Howlington
Jennifer Howlington
10 years ago

WOW! These stories are very interesting! I have a very intense and horrible fear of being stuck in an elevator! I am also claustrophobic, depending on where I am. I had a doctors appt. the other day, and I had to take about 5 elevators ( no freaking joke) to get to the right office. I was having a panic attack! Then, when the appt. was over, I had to take all of the other elevators back! Plus 1! because I hit the wrong floor!

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