Hot Wheels bug helps me through rough terrain

I couldn’t resist getting this little gray Hot Wheels ’70 Volkswagen Baja Bug (2021 033/250 #GTC17). This bug features a stripe with German colors. Coincidental timing with the Summer Olympics happening right now! (I’m half German). I had to get it. It’s so cute, gray (my favorite color), and has German colors.

Little did I know, that there would be another reason for me to purchase this fun toy.

The back of the packaging says, “Built for endurance and performance, no matter what the terrain”.

Rather fitting, because after buying this Hot Wheels at Walgreens, I biked around one of my favorite spots on my way home. The “Native plant and tree restoration project” was completely overridden by plants.

The last time I rode through this loop in April, you could see clear across the entire nature preserve. Now, in July with all the rain and sun, the plants grew SOOOO LARGE. I was dodging thistles with every single turn. I felt completely enveloped by green. At one point a chainsaw being started up in the neighborhood, I thought it was a BEAR coming out of the plants!

Good thing I had this little bug with me for endurance and performance, no matter what the terrain.

P.S. I wish would display their inventory of individual Hot Wheels at specific Walgreens stores. I’d like to buy another one of these Baja Hot Wheels.

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Taylor matthews
Taylor matthews
11 months ago

Check it out

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