A fun pair: a reflective tanker truck by the shiny Chicago Bean

Chicago Bean and Hot Wheels "Fast Gassin" heavy tanker truck

What’s shinier than the 110-ton Chicago Bean? Why a Hot Wheels Heavy Tanker Truck!

With its reflective chrome tank, this Hot Wheels is quite the photogenic truck. Sheer power with eight exhaust pipes rising up behind the stout cab. Oversized fenders over the wheels. I couldn’t avoid buying this toy at Target this week (along with the fun Bubble Matic car).

I’ve been bombarding my brother with snapshots from my work desk.

Enter the Chicago Bean

Since I work across the street from the Chicago Bean, “Fast Gassin” has been asking me to photograph it in front of the Chicago Bean. How awesome would that be?

Huge shiny Bean.
Tiny shiny truck.

A bean is normally small, but the Chicago bean is monstrous
A heavy tanker truck is normally large, but this truck is tiny.

Quite the pair.

Initially I thought I’d photograph the truck close up to the Bean. Reflective material right next to reflective material. But I first need to build prop to hold up the truck while taking photos of it.

Instead, I took the distance shot to include more of the Bean’s shape in the background, with the truck dominating the foreground. Everyone loves the reflections in the Bean, so it pleased me greatly seeing how the reflections in the truck mimicking the reflections in the Bean.

The sun was super bright, so it was a bit hard seeing the screen on my iPhone, so I was mostly shooting in the dark without seeing what I was doing. Snap a bunch of shots, and then look at the screen shaded by hand. Then snap a bunch more shots.

When you are at the Bean, EVERYONE is walking around the Bean. It’s quite scene of tourists and fun-loving people. People just walking walking walking. Standing. Walking. Standing Walking. Sometimes people walk in front of my shot. That’s fine. It’s part of the environment.

But my favorite—and I’m being honest, not sarcastic—was when people walked by the side of me. Because their reflection then gets captured in the truck.

Chicago Bean and Hot Wheels "Fast Gassin"

Thus, the Bean has reflections of people gazing into it, and now my track has a reflection of someone taking a photo of the Bean.

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