How are you? Use a unique response with the day’s weird holiday

When someone asks you, “How are you?”, what is your stock response? Most likely, you say something like “good” or “ok.”

But there are more unique responses out there, like David Friedman’s quirky reply, “Better than most, not as good as some.” He even toyed with the idea of saying, “Fair to middling.”

What about you? How do you typically respond?

This year, I’ve decided to do something a little different. I plan to weave the day’s National Holiday into my answer. It might end up being a bit lengthy, and in some situations, it might even come off as awkward. For instance, imagine it’s National Cream Puff Day, and I’m walking my daughter to school. Someone says, “Hi, how are you?” and I reply, “Great! It’s National Cream Puff Day.”

A bit odd, right?


Or picture me responding, “Great! It’s National Personal Trainer Awareness Day!” I can almost hear them wondering, “Are you a personal trainer? Do you think I need one? Are you trying to sell me something?”

Even if it feels awkward, I’m excited to try this. It’s a fun, little twist to everyday interactions!

List of responses to “how are you” using the day’s National Holiday

I’m keeping track of what responses I use every day. Please feel free to use these.

January 3
Today sucks. It’s National Drinking Straw Day.

January 4
Saucy, thanks to National Spaghetti Day.

January 5
I’m just winging it today, on this National Bird Day.

January 6
Fully charged and ready to go – it’s National Technology Day, after all.

January 7
Nodding along happily, it’s National Bobblehead Day.

January 8
Plaid to be here on National Argyle Day.

January 9
A bit frazzled on National Static Electricity Day.

January 10
My cactus told a joke, spiking up the fun on National Houseplant Appreciation Day!
[if the person asks what the joke is, follow up with…]
My cactus said, “I’m a little prickly until I have my morning coffee.” to which I replied, “I’m a succer for a good cactus pun.”

January 11
*Makes dramatic stomping motion with one foot* National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

January 12
Sip sip hooray! Today is National Hot Tea Day.

January 16
Just existing, aligned with National Nothing Day.

January 19
Popping with joy, it’s National Popcorn Day!

January 20 (Third Saturday in January)
In a shopping spree mood, looking forward to National Use Your Gift Card Day.

January 21
Hungry as a squirrel. Today is National Squirrel Day, which acknowledges that food sources for squirrels are scarce in mid-winter.

January 22
Spot on [said with an English accent]. It’s National Polka Dot Day.

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1 month ago

Funny, when I read the title my first thought was “stock” as in stock market (but I’m a personal finance nerd so of course my mind went there). So you could also answer “bullish” or “bearish”.

Melissa Bauer
Melissa Bauer
1 month ago

Love this, Matt!

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