How to be persuasive at work

A friend recently asked online:

How do i be persuasive at work without being seen as “difficult”, “uppity”, or “stubborn”? Is it the old “trick them into thinking it’s their idea” thing?

Here’s my response:

1) Listen first. Always listen. 2) Be friendly. Not just when you are making a point, but all-the-time friendly. 3) Always help, even when not in your job role. 4) put others before you. Tied to “always help” but this emphasizes that help others before your own work.

Do these four things and people will listen to you without ever thinking you are a jerk. The actions of how you are 100% of the time will help you in those 5% times when you need to be more blunt and opinionated. The goal is never to be persuasive. The goal is to be listening, friendly, helpful, and loving. Persuasive just comes as a natural by-product of trust.

What would be your advice on how to be persuasive at work?

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Andre Alforque
9 years ago

Take a page from Your Mind at Work by David Rock and work on disarming the person or audience. SCARF: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness.

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