How to bring innovation to the World Baseball Classic

Samurais! Cigars! Electric guitars! Here’s a way to spice up the international baseball tournament we know as the World Baseball Classic. Have players wear uniforms designed according to the warrior outfit of their native country.

The warrior outfit will be determined by the first result of a Google image search for COUNTRY NAME and WARRIOR.

Take the championship game, Korea vs. Japan.


Google gives this as the first results for Korean Warrior:

How freakin cool would that be to have SAMURAI warriors with big huge blades?…Playing baseball!


Japanese Warrior:

This Japanese samurai would totally annihilate the Korean one.

How about the Venezuela and USA who lost in the semi-finals?


Google gives this as the first results for Venezuelan Warrior:

Wow. Venezuela would have their players running around dressed as cigars. I wonder how they would do against the weiners in Miwaukee’s sausage race.


USA Warrior:

And then TEAM USA would be a bunch of power rock electric guitars. HOW COOL IS THAT? Baw-wowwow-waaaaah!

Chinese Taipei

A few other noteworthy uniforms would are Chinese Taipei:

Dude, a guy in a Judo outfit kicking the crap out of like, twenty guys!


But Team Netherlands takes the cake for their Netherlandian Warrior:

Dude, it’s a freakin’ cannon. Talk about total destruction. What batter can hit a ball shot out of a cannon?

Bud Selig, I ask you please, implement native warrior uniforms in the 2012 World Baseball Classic.

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14 years ago

I fear the Netherlands.

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