How to count to ten in Estonian and Ewokese

Which is Estonian, which is Ewokese?

Learn how to count to ten in Ewokese, or Estonian. Which is which?

One language is spoken by short furry creatures on the Forest Moon of Endor.

The other language is spoken by Finnic people in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

One language is based on Chalmuk, a Mongolian, nomadic tribal dialect.

The other language belongs to the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family.

In attempt to learn both lists of one through ten, I have them hanging up in my cube at work.


0 null (nool)

1 üks (ewks)

2 kaks (kahks)

3 kolm (kohlm)

4 neli (NEH-lee)

5 viis (veess)

6 kuus (kooss)

7 seitse (SAYT-seh)

8 kaheksa (KAH-hek-sah)

9 üheksa (EW-hek-sah)

10 kümme (KEWM-meh)

1 chu (choo)

2 fic (fic)

3 chim (chim)

4 hoji (ho jee)

5 n'la (nah la)

6 n'dla (nah dla)

7 voo (voo)

8 j'voo (ja voo)

9 coki (coke ee)

10 eedeeza (ee dee zah)

How many languages do you know how to say one through ten?

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