How do you use Google Plus?


Is Google Plus worth using? Most people respond, “I already have Facebook.” Yes, but consider you can use Google Plus as a complement to Facebook without going into social media overload.

Facebook is a place to share what you are doing.

Google Plus is a place to share what you are reading.

People tend to not like it when you post a ton of links on Facebook. It’s too much. Instead use Google Plus as a place to post all the stories you like. People don’t view Google as a social media company. People view Google as a resource. Google provides tools. Fabulous tools. Thus it would make sense that Google would provide a wonderful tool to share articles.

There aren’t any mega wide-ranging social news sharing sites out there. Yes, there is reddit. Too dorky. There is digg. It’s dead. There is delicious. Not really social. All three of those sites are fine, but they don’t reach to a wide audience. Google Plus does.

Not only are there tons of people on Google Plus. But what you post on Google Plus also appears in Google searches. If a friend of mine searches for “Lincoln Square” on Google, they will now see my Google Plus posts about Lincoln Square. Some people are freaked out by the invasion of privacy. I have to admit I used to use Google Plus more freely, posting wise-ass comments thinking only a limited few will see them. But now that all the content on Google Plus appears on the top of Google searches, I’m much more careful.

Having this wider audience makes me want to share MORE things on Google Plus, because now I know it will show up in my friend’s searches.

In fact, it makes me want to add WAY more people to my circles and have people add me to their circles. In all the other social media (twitter, facebook, flickr, yelp, foursquare) I have limited how many people I consider a friend or contact. But now I’m just considering going crazy with Google Plus and adding a ton. Why not? You can limit the amount that you see on Google Plus by using the very easy circles. Put only the people you want to read into a “must read” circle.

Use Google Plus to reach out and find new people. You can’t really discover new people on Facebook unless you meet them in person first. Google Plus presents an opportunity for you to find more people to share content you like.

What do you think? How do you use Google Plus?

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