How to find a resident of the planet Mercury

I am looking for a resident that lives on the planet Mercury. How do I search for this?

Do I do a search on Twitter for “Mercury alien”? or perhaps “Mercury resident”? However on Twitter, you cannot search the location field on a person’s bio. Facebook didn’t give me the results for anyone living on Mercury at all. I really need to find a resident that lives on the planet Mercury. I have some questions about living on this planet.

This question is posted on Facebook, Yahoo Answers,, Google Plus, and Twitter.

I was curious if the people of Mercury use a different number base than us. We have the base-10, I wonder what they use. What got me thinking about this is that I’m considered 145 Mercury years old, even though I am 45 Earth years. Certainly the older Mercury age is due to the planet spinning around the sun faster, but we are assuming the people of Mercury use a base-10 system for their numbers. We can’t assume that until I get a chance to ask resident of Mercury.

Where can I find a Mercurian? Some funny responses thus far:

* Sorry mate, all communications are down while Mercury is in retrograde. (from Nicola Smith of Google Plus)

* No one lives on Mercury. It is a barren, airless, lifeless ball of iron and rock. There aren’t even any robots on it, like there are on Mars and Venus (or the remains thereof, anyway, in the case of Venus). (from Logan R. Kearsley of Quora)

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