How to have a respectable man bag

The don'ts of a man bag

A friend posted this picture of someone with a “murse.” Murses get made fun of, because they they remind people of purses. But let’s try to get some respectable man bags out there. Stand behind your man bag. Be proud of your man bag. You can’t be proud of a piece of crap bag.

I am a urban man bag aficionado. Let me give you the tips of the trade from my decade experience of shopping for urban man bags, from a straight male perspective. That one in the photo is HORRENDOUS.

Here are six guidelines to buying a man bag that you can be proud of.

1) No big logos.

That big swirly piece of crap logo is totally stupid.

2) No big ass plastic clips.

That screams SUBURBAN!!

3) Simple form.

This thing can’t make up its mind what shape it wants to be. Round? Rectangle? Trapezoid? It’s a mess.

4) No overabundance of tons of straps.

Along with having a simple form, the man bag needs to be simple in form.

5) No overbundance of outer bulky pockets.

Along with cargo pants, bulky pockets went out of style five years ago.

6) Exceptions.

You may ignore all the above rules if you are shopping for camping bags, hiking bags, or other nature-related activities. I am talking strictly about bags for urban use.

Here’s a fine man bag:

A fine man bag

Note: No big logo. No plastic clips. Simple form. No straps flying all over. No bulky pockets. And it’s the perfect size of an iPad. Now THAT’S a man bag.

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Sarah Bright
9 years ago

That man bag looks EXACTLY like a purse I had two years ago. That is SO a murse, sorry.

Marco Buscaglia
Marco Buscaglia
9 years ago

Way to hold me up for ridicule on your blog. I’m totally going to make fun of your lame cardigan sweaters on mine. BTW, my purse could totally beat up your purse. That looks like something Emily Dickinson would take to her prom.

Sarah Renee
9 years ago

Matt- Isn’nt that FINE “man bag” one of yours? 😉 I call these messenger bags…if they can be worn like the newspaper carrier bags of ol’…it’s not a murse. :-}

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