How many pennies can you mail with a 44-cent stamp?

Since a stamp costs 44 cents, can you mail 44 pennies using just one stamp? Let’s figure it out.

You can mail up to one ounce with a 44-cent stamp

The US Post Office says that you can mail go up to one ounce with a 44-cent stamp.

A penny weights 2.500 grams

How much does a penny weigh? The US Mint tells us that one penny weighs 2.500 grams.

2.5 grams = 0.0881849049 grams

How 2.5 gram pennies fit into one ounce? Google tells us 2.500 grams = 0.0881849049 ounces.

1 / 0.0881849049 = 11.3398092

Let’s do the math. Google tells us that 11.3398092 pennies fit into 1 ounce.

Answer: You can mail up to 11 pennies with one 44-cent stamp.

In 2004, I asked this very same question and Tom answered the closest with 10 pennies. I can’t remember if I ever mailed him the pennies. So I mailed him the pennies on Friday. Tom, you’ll be getting your pennies soon! (unless if they get squeezed out of the envelope while going through the US Post Office processing rollers)

Why would I mail ten pennies to a friend?

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12 years ago

Hey! I called you earlier and I’m hoping to get a hold of you before this weekend… I’m going to be in Chicago and was wondering if you were free at all to hang out! Please let me know – it’d be cool to meet you in person and hang out. 🙂

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

How many pennies actually arrive? Eight! Funny thing is that looking at the picture above, I can tell you that all the shiny pennies arrived … the two that escaped were the darker ones!

12 years ago

So… you approved the comment I left yesterday, but you didn’t reply… I’m really confused. It feels like you’re avoiding me for some reason, and I’m not sure why. 🙁 I was hoping to hang out with you this weekend, but I’m starting to think it’s not going to happen. I first posted on your facebook wall about it like a week ago, I tried calling you, and I commented here… and nothing seems to be working. I’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable with meeting me in person or something… it’s totally okay if you are, I just would like it if you’d communicate with me. :/

12 years ago

Seems your mail was processed by a merciful postal employee. Technically, your letter is subject to the “nonmachinable surcharge” because “it is too rigid does not bend easily”. the nonmachinable surchage adds 20 cents to your cost bringing your stampage needs to 64 cents.

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