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How many pieces of paper can you mail with one stamp?

Answer: 5 sheets

I previously thought it was 20 sheets, but I was misguided thinking you can mail 3.5 ounces with one stamp. But it’s ONE ounce.

Here’s how I figured it out:

500 sheets of paper = 5.3 pounds

5.3 pounds = 84.8 ounces

84.8 ounces / 500 sheets of = 0.1696

Each sheet of paper weighs 0.1696 ounces

1 ounces / 0.1696 ounces = 5.89623

Thus, you can get five sheets under the 1.0 ounce limit of first class mail with one stamp.

You can ignore the photos below, because they show me trying to stuff 20 sheets into one envelope.

Testing how many sheets I can mail with one stamp

20 sheets stuffed into one envelope with one stamp

3.5 ounces according to my dollar store scale


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