How many pieces of paper can you mail with one stamp?

Answer: 5 sheets

I previously thought it was 20 sheets, but I was misguided thinking you can mail 3.5 ounces with one stamp. If you mailed something that was 3.5 ounces, it would cost you one dollar. A single $0.55 stamp will only mail something that weighs ONE ounce.

One piece of mail, First-Class as of January 26, 2020:

  • Under one ounce: $0.55
  • Under two ounces: $0.70
  • Under three ounces: $0.85
  • Under 3.5 ounces: $1.00

Here’s how I figured it out you can mail five sheets with one $0.55 stamp:

  • 500 sheets of paper = 5.3 pounds
  • 5.3 pounds = 84.8 ounces
  • 84.8 ounces / 500 sheets of = 0.1696
  • Each sheet of paper weighs 0.1696 ounces
  • 1 ounces / 0.1696 ounces = 5.89623 sheets

Thus, you can get five sheets under the one-ounce limit of First-Class mail with one stamp.

You can ignore the photos below, because they show me trying to stuff 20 sheets into one envelope.

You can only mail 5 sheets with one stamp.
Testing how many sheets I can mail with one stamp

20 sheets stuffed into one envelope with one stamp

3.5 ounces according to my dollar store scale

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Jafra Thomas
Jafra Thomas
3 years ago

A very helpful article. Just stumbled across this site! Thank you for walking us through how you arrived at your answer! -J.D. Thomas

3 years ago

Did you use typing paper, what bond? If you use regular writing paper with the lines on it you can mail 7 sheets with 1 stamp. Just so you know.

3 years ago

Why did you not take into account the weight of the envelope?

3 years ago

Thank you, just the info I needed. Now if the post office can actually deliver the envelope with some timeliness.

2 years ago

Will the envelope be equal to one sheet of paper?

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