How to stop direct message spam from your friends

How to stop direct message spam from your friends

Ever get a spam direct message from a friend’s twitter account? I bet you are kind enough to alert them. But make sure you don’t alert them in the wrong way.

Simply stating that his/her twitter account is sending spam messages will make them think their twitter account is hacked. There’s no need to freak someone out like this. Chances are, the spam messages are coming from a website that granted access to his/her twitter account.

You know how you can log into some websites using your twitter account? That is giving the website access to your account. Those fun twitter tools that give you stats on your account? At some point you gave them permissions to your twitter account. You can see a list of all the websites you have granted permissions at You might be surprised to see how many websites have access to your twitter account.

Now, how do you nicely alert your friends about this? 1) You can send them to this blog post. 😉 Or 2) you can send them a nice, friendly, helpful email like the following.

Sample letter to use:

[insert name of friend here],

FYI. Your twitter account is sending out spam messages. I received one of these today. (see email below).

Don’t worry, your twitter account is probably not hacked. Most likely what happened is one of the 3rd party sites you enabled to connect to your twitter is doing this. (explanation at:

Here’s two steps you can do:

1) Check all the sites you have permissioned to have access to your twitter at:

2) To be double-safe, you can change your password at:

[insert your name here]

Feel free to copy and paste this message and use it whenever one of your friends sends you a spam direct message on twitter.

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10 years ago

Thanks for the info, Matt. It’s super easy to change the settings. I “revoked access” to several sites.

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