I got a receipt with almost all consecutive even numbers!

Earlier in the day I tweeted about thinking of trying to get a receipt with 8/10/12 14:16. But who has receipts with 24-hour time?

Without even thinking I went to the bank to get some laundry quarters. As she was plunking the rolls onto the counter, I exclaimed, “oh wow!” She must have thought I never saw that many quarters before. But then I showed her my receipt. “Look! It’s consecutive even numbers–almost. Isn’t that cool?”

I got a receipt with  almost all consecutive  even numbers!

She said, “oh my, that is pretty nice.” And then she looked at her monitor and said, “oh my monitor is telling me you are one of our preferred customers and that I should introduce you to our manager.”

Uhhh. Ok. The manager was standing next to her helping another customer. He reached out his hand and shook mine. I really felt like he was shaking my hand in congratulations for the awesome receipt I just scored.

And then on the same day, I got a fortune cooke with two fortunes!

I got TWO fortunes in ONE cookie!

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