I love it when websites write about street art that is not graffiti

Screenshot of streetartfrankey’s Instagram page

The Nooks and Crannies of Amsterdam Are a Canvas for Frankey’s Playful Interventions
by Kate Mothes, Colossal

On Saturdays, Frankey publishes a new artwork on Instagram and in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool. Without permits, installing the work is technically illegal, but he pays a great deal of attention to his materials and installation methods to avoid actually vandalizing any property. “I do have some rules for myself because I love Amsterdam a lot,” Frankey says in a recent interview with The New York Times. “I don’t want to harm the city at all, so all the pieces I make can be removed quite easily without leaving any damage.”

Amen. I’m all for making public art that does not damage the public property.

From my blog post, “Does all street art brighten a community?

I don’t like destroying someone’s property. I hope my work is uplifting and non-destructive. I know most of my fellow street artists don’t agree on the non-destructive part, but whatevs. That’s just my own perspective. But I find it kinda sad when people complain about their destructive work being painted over. To not destroy someone’s property, I simply let my art be removed. Easily removed. In fact, I embrace that, because it means someone likes it enough to actually take it. If they take it home or give it to someone else, then hopefully that work will have even more impact.

Also very impressive that Frankey has his artwork appearing weekly in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool. This newspaper is very wise to run his artworks every week. It gets their local readers engaged with where the newest Frankey artwork will appear in their town of Amsterdam. It also shows how Amsterdam is a haven for creative artists. Everyone knows Banksy is one of the biggest artists today in the art world. Imagine having your town’s own Banksy. And your newspaper gets to cover all his latest art drops. Kudos to Heet Parool.

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