Why “I Love Onions” is such a wonderfully quirky song

Are there any blogs or Twitter accounts that talk about completely strange songs on Spotify?

I’d like to add “I Love Onions” to the list of weird songs. Performed by Susan Christie in 1966.

Susan Christie loves onions

11 reasons to add “I Love Onions” to your playlist

1) The title, “I Love Onions”

Really? Someone loves onions? Onions are nice to add to things like pizza. But to LOVE them? Although, my football fantasy league team name was Flying Onion Attack! Maybe I love onions? Maybe you love onions too.

2) The song immediately starts with a kazoo

Anytime a song starts off with a kazoo, you know you’re in for a good ride.

3) The hilarious lyrics

I don’t like snails, or toads, or frogs
Or strange things living under logs
But, mmm, I love onions

Funny topics about snails, toads, frogs, and things living under logs. But you know what? Onions live underground.

4) Muppet guest appearance

About two-thirds through the song enters a voice that sounds like a Muppet. A Muppet talking. Here’s what the Muppet has to say
The onion is a tuberous vegetable and is a member of the genus stinkus delicioso. It was highly prized by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, and their friends and cousins-a. They cause watering of the eyes and rubifaction of the skin, but it is very, very tasty.

5) Scat singing

Non-sense words are fun. “Root toot doodle-ee-oot doot doo doot” is repeated over and over.

The following points come courtesy of Wikipedia’s article on Susan Christie. I broke them out into individual points.

6) Authentic

Released April 11, 1966. Something about this being recorded in 1966 makes it seem more authentic. Maybe it was a gimmick in 1966. But it’s not like someone today trying to be funny. God bless the 60s.

7) Cheap to produce, yet picked up by a major label

This song cost the singer and writer $700 to produce and was picked up by Columbia Records. [source]

8) Reminiscent of the 1920s

Christie’s breathy vocals are featured with a chorus of kazoo, harmonica, and backup singers.

9) Actually hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart

The song was well-received, peaking at #63 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. [source] Released internationally, “I Love Onions” charted highest in Canada, where it came in at #19 on the RPM 100 national singles on August 1, 1966. [source]

10) Played on Captain Kangaroo

It was featured in episodes of Captain Kangaroo. [source]

11) Appears in a commercial for chocolate

Adapted for several television ads, including a 1980 Turtles Chocolate commercial.[source]

Do you have any songs that would appear on a “Quirky songs” playlist?

Please share any songs in the comments, Twitter, or Facebook.


I made a playlist on Spotify for weird songs like this. The playlist is titled “Completely strange songs with weird lyrics and a fun vibe“. It’s supposed to be a collaborative playlist, so anyone can add songs? That would be cool. Go ahead, add some songs!

(I think you have to be a “friend” of mine on Spotify to add songs. If you aren’t a friend, let me know. I’m always happy to follow more people. I’m user spudart on Spotify.)

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