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I love photographing with my iPhone macro lens (10x)

Ever want to photograph something REALLY close with your phone? Your phone’s lens has a limit on how close you can get. But slide one of this little macro lens onto your phone, and now you can get up super close.

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The macro lens in this kit goes up to 10x magnification. Here’s a few photos that I’ve taken with this lens and my iPhone 5s:

photos taken with iphone and macro lens

Today, I found a 30x lens for the iPhone for six bucks! 30x sounds incredible! At this magnification level, they call it an iPhone microscope. When it arrives, I’ll test it out and post some pics.

SODIAL(R) 30X Zoom LED Magnifier Clip-On Cell Phone Mobile Phone Microscope Micro Lens for Apple iPhone Samsung iPad

One Response to I love photographing with my iPhone macro lens (10x)

  1. Matt Maldre October 23, 2018 at 12:59 pm #

    Rather amusing that the last photo in the collage is empty. It’s almost like I got so close up to the subject, that it turned completely white.

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