I might try ChatGPT’s API to build WordPress tools

An illustration depicting a person at a computer desk engrossed in the "Unbundling AI" article, with visual cues representing ChatGPT's functionalities like writing summaries and interacting with platforms like WordPress and Bluesky.
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I think I might get a ChatGPT subscription just so I can see what I can do with the API.

This article, “Unbundling AI” reiterated what we know and feel about ChatGPT, but it illuminated in interesting ways. Like, learning all the various methods of prompting is a bit like pre-GUI days when people had to know certain line commands.

So far this year so many people have built applications onto AI, that customize it for specific purposes.

Like, I want ChatGPT to write summaries of my blog posts, save that to WordPress, and then I randomly auto-tweet a couple of times a day (actually, not on Twitter but Bluesky). There will be NO value for me in that, because I know from experience that auto-tweeting stuff gets no attention. But it’s a fun project for me.

What would be really cool is if I could get ChatGPT to analyze my blog posts annually and come up with themes for what I write overall.

Earlier this year, I gave it about 12 of my posts, and it came up with interesting themes about what I write about. I’m not 100% clear what I want GPT to output here for me, but I feel like there is something about analyzing 20 years of writing.

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